From 1 July 2017 all cables used for construction works (e.g. buildings, roads, and bridges) in the EU must be clearly CE marked.

Only cables with CE mark are allowed into the EU market. This is further specified in the CPR – the Construction Products Regulation (EU 305/2011).

Why should cables be CE marked?

Because electrical cables (incl. data cables and fiber cables) are permanently installed in construction works they are classified as fixed installations. Furthermore, these cables are important for the safety in case of fire and must therefore live up to the specified fire resistance requirements, which are detailed in the standard EN 50575:2014.

What should I do?

If you are a cable manufacturer, you must:

Decide which fire flassification your cables should match (classes are from A to F, and have specific test methods) Establish and maintain a AVCP (Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance) Ensure you cables are fire tested by a Notified Testing Laboratory (e.g. FORCE Technology) Establish and maintain a FPC (Factory Production Control) Fill in a DoP (Declaration of Performance) for reactance to fire and release of dangerous substances for your cable Ensure your cables are labelled and carry a visible CE mark.

Note that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility that all necessary steps have been completed before affixing the CE mark.

If you are importing cables to the EU, you must:

  • Ensure the cables carry a visible CE mark
  • Ensure the cables have a correctly filled in DoC (Declaration of Performance) for reactance to fire and release of dangerous substances. The DoC should be filled in by the manufacturer.

Notified Testing Laboratory

FORCE Technology are the expert within testing and certification of cables. We are a Notified Testing Laboratory (NB 0199) with professional testing facilities and extensive knowledge about the applicable standards and testing methods for cables. In due time – we will also become Notified Product Certification Body.

We can help you with the testing and certification so that your cables can be CE marked.