EC VERIFIED systems and components

The EC Cabling group of FORCE Technology has ongoing certification programmes for cables and connecting hardware for generic cabling for customer premises. The certification activity includes product testing and factory inspections performed on a regular basis. Product performance is verified according to recognised international, national and company standards.

The following types of LAN systems and components are EC VERIFIED:

Data Communication cables, Category 7A
Data communication cables, Category 7
Data communication cables, Category 6A
Data communication cables, Category 6
Data communication cables, Category 5e
Connecting hardware, Category 6A
Connecting hardware, Category 6
Connecting hardware, Category 5e
Data communication cords, Category, 6A
Data communication cords, Category, 6
Data communication cords, Category, 5e
Permanent links and channels, Class EA
Permanent links and channels, Class E
Permanent links and channels, Class D