EC Cabling is accredited to test against the main cabling and component standards including:

ANSI/TIA 568-C.2

Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications and components standard

EN 50173-[1-5]

Information technology – Generic cabling systems

IEC 61935

Generic specification for the testing of generic cabling in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801-Part 1: Test methods
Part 2: Cords

ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition

Information technology – Generic cabling systems

ISO/IEC 11801 amendment 1


ISO/IEC 11801 amendment 2


IEC 60603-7

Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards, part 7: Detail specification for connectors, 8 way, including fixed and free connectors with common mating features.

IEC 60603-7-x series

Detail specification for 8-way, unshielded, free and fixed connectors, for data transmissions with frequencies up to 500 MHz

IEC 60512 series

Connectors for electronic equipment – tests and measurements

IEC 61076-3-104

Connectors for electronic equipment- Part 3-104: 8 way connectors for frequencies up to 1200 MHz

EN 50288 series

Multi element metallic cables used in analogue and digital communication and control
Sectional specifications

EN 50289 series

Communication cables, Specification for test methods

EN 50290 series

Communication cables, General

IEC 61332-1

Test on electric cables under fire conditions, Part 1. Test on a single vertical insulated wire or cable